Wow your guests with something completely different on your wedding day; a Barn Owl Ring Bearer. Why not have Molly our beautiful barn owl fly your wedding rings down the aisle to the Best Man, the Groom or whoever you choose! Guaranteed to make the guests go oooh and aaah as Molly swoops down between them and lands gracefully on a white glove bearing the rings attached to a white silk ribbon. No one will ever forget your wedding day!

Molly, our specially trained owl ring bearer, is a stunning addition to any wedding day ceremony, she is a highly trained, relaxed barn owl who is comfortable in all venues and around people. After Molly completes her task for your unique wedding ring delivery she is then available for the photographs. To ensure that you and your guests enjoy Molly’s presence on your special day, our owl ring bearer becomes a keen photo star and should any of your guests wish to hold or photograph Molly they are very welcome to.

If you are looking for an even greater display, and a unique, exciting experience for your wedding guests, we provide a ‘Wedding Day Package’. Highly affordable but packed with excitement and action, our exclusive package comprises of Molly the owl ring bearer, a static falconry display and flying display (dependent on location and weather), to thoroughly entertain your guests.

For further information on Molly our owl ring bearer or any other enquiries: perhaps you are looking for an exciting way to propose or renew your vows? Please feel free to contact us to discuss it further.


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