molly barn owl ring bearer

Molly was hatched on 21st June 2009 and we acquired her at four weeks old, when she was just a ball of down. Molly lived with us in the house for the next 10 weeks, learning how to fly around our lounge, until she was old enough to go out into her aviary.

Keeping her with us in the house means that she has been imprinted on us, which basically means we are Mum and Dad to her. This is a great help with owls when it comes to training and general handling of them.

Molly is brilliant with people and has proved to be probably our most popular bird due to her lovely nature and stunning beauty.

On a more general note, Barn Owls are native to the UK and can usually be seen, if you’re lucky enough, hunting at dawn and dusk. They have phenomenal hearing and binocular vision and along with silent flight their prey stands little chance!

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