Molly the Owl Ring Bearer – Bride’s Surprise for the Groom!

Owl Ring Bearer Angela & Richard 4

We were up in Derbyshire at the end of last month for the wedding of Angela and Richard. Angela had booked Molly, our Owl Ring Bearer as a surprise for her groom so we arrived at YHA Hartington Hall on Sunday 27th May under a cloak of secrecy!

Owl Ring Bearer at YHA_Hartington_Hall

Hartington Hall is set high up in the stunning Derbyshire countryside surrounded by the most fabulous views.  The venue itself is steeped in original features – traditional decor, wood panelling and stone flooring all add to the character of this great hall. The giant outdoor chess and games room add a wonderful element of fun too!

Owl Ring Bearer Angela & Richard 3

Nick, Richard’s best man, was in on the secret so on arrival we had a quick run through with him and took hold of the rings whilst Richard was being kept otherwise occupied! It was an outside wedding with a contingency plan for inside. Although the rain held off for a while, at the point Angela – the bride, was due to make her entrance, the drops began to fall. Everyone ran for cover as it was really heavy rain, and we kept Molly inside so that she wouldn’t get wet.

Thankfully it was just a short sharp shower and once it had passed, all the guests made their way back to the ceremony area and Angela made her entrance. It was also an extremely windy day and when it came to Molly’s time to fly the rings to Nick, she had to battle against the wind to make it to the glove. However, as always, she did a sterling job!

Just as she had flown the rings, once again the rain came down, so perfect timing for us at least. After the ceremony, the sun came out and the rain had stopped so we were able to meet the guests in the garden area, where Richard and Angela had their photographs with Molly as well.

Owl Ring Bearer Angela & Richard 1

Owl Ring Bearer Angela & Richard 2

Richard was suitably kept in the dark until the defining moment, and Molly did us proud despite the best attempts of the weather! Thank you so much for inviting us to be part of your incredibly special day Angela and Richard. We wish you all the very best for your future together as husband and wife.

Debbie, Steve and Molly x