A Little Refresh

Molly The Owl Ring Bearer

Welcome Back!! If you pop by regularly or maybe you are thinking of booking an owl ring bearer for you upcoming wedding, and have visited us a few times in the past couple of weeks – you might have noticed some changes around here!

We decided that Ring on a Wing needed a little makeover – nothing major, just a little brightening up and to make it easier for our visitors to find their way around quickly and with no problems. We have always loved the homepage and that spectacular image of Molly, which we think sums up our business and the beauty of Molly perfectly. Since more and more people are viewing the site on mobile phones and tablets we thought that image in the background may be making things a little difficult to read on other pages such as The Experience and of course our Blog.

So it was time for a makeover!

Earlier this week, we threw a blanket over the cage so to speak, and took the website down while we made the changes. Firstly we put a soft cream colour for the majority of the pages backgrounds – instantly brightening and making it easier to read. The other area that we focused on was the menu, we wanted a modern fly out menu, that people could use quite easily and that was super responsive on all devices. We also just had a quick tidy up of all the pages making sure the images and text line up nicely and finally we moved on to the blog. Our posts are now listed in an easy to see and access way, by date and showing a small amount of the content, for you to then see the full article once you click through. We have added some social sharing buttons too, so if you do see your wedding featured here, by all means share it on Facebook, Twitter or the social network of your choice!

That about covers it. I really hope you like our new website. Please let us know in the comments below how you are finding it. Do you like our makeover? Is there anything else we should change? What can we do better?

I would love to hear your feedback.