Catching up with Old Friends


A tale of two halves really. Catching up with old friends is a bit of a reference to our lack of communication on our lovely little blog. It has been a little while since I got any spare time to sit down, write about what we have been up to and share some pretty pictures we have with you. Of which I am truly sorry about. There has been so much going on, my head has been soaring with so many beautiful weddings and of course, excellent and awe inspiring ring deliveries. The time has just been flying by and my feet haven’t touched the ground! Sorry, I will stop now with the flying puns… maybe… unless I can float a few more past you. No, seriously I will stop it now, I promise.

Other than sharing my non-funny pun humor on our old friend, the blog, the other old friend we caught up with recently was the wonderful photographer Christine McNally. At a wedding earlier this year, way back in January – see that’s how much of a catch up we needed, I’m talking about a January wedding! January the 30th to be precise.

The day started at the stunning Ettington Park Hotel, with us hiding along with Molly, our beautiful owl ring bearer in the South Room. Which actually I really can’t complain about. It is an absolutely beautiful room, much like the entire hotel – it truly is the most stunning venue.



I know I say it a lot, but we really are so lucky to be able to spend our time and work in some of the most beautiful locations across the UK – our brides and grooms obviously have exquisite taste 😉

So back to the South Room, and we are hiding away from all of Michael and Michelle’s guests. Trying to keep quiet and warm on this cold albeit sunny January day.

The South Room at Ettington Park Hotel. I told you it was lovely, didn't I?
The South Room at Ettington Park Hotel. I told you it was lovely, didn’t I?

Molly delivering the rings had been planned as a complete surprise for all of the guests, and between us, the bride and the groom we ensured it stayed that way. Right up until the moment Molly swooped down the aisle and delivered the rings expertly to the waiting, perhaps a little nervous looking Best Man, Gurinder, who was of course a true champion and took it completely in his stride. I can understand why people can all of a sudden get the jitters as they are about to have a bird of prey fly swiftly and so surely for their arm – it must be both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. Luckily Molly being the hand reared, gentle owl that she is, helps people to relax and enjoy their close up with her – she really is a true professional.

Everyone else on day seemed to love Molly too, and by the gasps of delight and surprise from the guests, I am guessing we are all very good at keeping secrets, I don’t think anyone suspected and everyone seemed to really enjoy the moment. Once the wedding rings were safely delivered without a hitch and both Michael and Michelle seemed thrilled with the effect Molly had left on the guests, we could relax.


No more hiding and worrying about people seeing us, no more pressure as our part had already been played. We could just soak up the love filled atmosphere radiating from the happy couple. It was only then that we noticed Christine, who we have the pleasure of meeting and working with before. It can be a very small world indeed. Of course we only had time for a quick hello as although our small part in the fairytale of Michelle and Michael’s wedding day was over, Christine still had a big one to play – documenting the entire day for the bride and groom to look back on.

By all accounts the rest of the day went without a hitch and I can’t say congratulations enough and send best wishes to both Michael and Michelle. A beautiful couple who I hope and wish a life time of happiness for. Thank you for letting us play our small part in your big day. Congratulations again.