A Welcome Addition to Helen and Kieran’s Wedding


At Ring on a Wing we love to be able to experience a tiny bit of wedding day magic, at all of the wonderful weddings we are asked to attend with Molly. For years now, we have been quietly enjoying this time with the brides, grooms and guests at each and every wedding, but now we think it is about time we shared our joy and theirs, by featuring the weddings on our blog.

To start it all off, we had to share the glorious wedding of Helen and Kieran. They were married last year on the 14th March at The Arrow Mill Hotel in Alceter. The venue is absolutely beautiful, situated by a secluded riverside, and boasts many wonderful features, as you would expect from an original flour mill. It was built in the early 1800’s and was even mentioned in the Domesday Book! You can find further details on the history of the Hotel over on their website.


If you are planning a wedding in the Warwickshire region we do highly recommend this venue. It is truly beautiful, and of course, they are more than happy to let you have an owl ring bearer, which is always good news! 🙂 Anyway back to Helen and Kieran!

Kieran is an Arborist, so he has more than just a keen fancy of nature and woodland creatures – he studies trees for a living! It really was quite fitting then, that the couples’ wedding day was filled with all things natural and nature inspired. The tables were decorated with a nature theme, as indeed was the splendid cake! We of course loved every inch of their beautiful, intimate, unique wedding.

nature inspired wedding cake


Although those close to Kieran and Helen may have known, or had an inkling about the details of their nature inspired day, they definitely had a big surprise when during the ceremony, when Molly came swooping in to the deliver the wedding rings! The couple had managed to keep their owl ring bearer a secret from all the guests, which we absolutely love! The shock, joy and amazement on everybody’s face is just priceless to us!

Molly was, of course, exceptionally well behaved and the ceremony and pictures went without a hitch! The guests, bride and groom all seemed to have a wonderful time and we wish Kieran and Helen all the best for their future together!

A very glamorous trio – Molly with the happy couple Helen and Kieran